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Cozumel Tours is a small, boutique tour shop on the Island. We run our own CozTours’ Private Island Tours and Walking Tours (our best sellers!) – flexible tours that are customized to you and creating your ideal day.  We also team up with a select number of our local partners to present Cozumel at its finest, and scout out experiences and activities for our guests that celebrate the Island’s exquisite natural environment and its rich culture and charm.


We meet many travelers to Cozumel with unique, niche interests or hobbies they want to explore, – like travel photography, foodie finds, or Mexican art. And still other more generally curious travelers that want to dig a little deeper, but need help finding the hidden gems, or taking advantage of seasonal and holiday events, local music happenings, special experiences, volunteer opportunities, and on and on…


We love that!  CozTours’ is here to answer questions (no strings!), and can also offer tailored planning and itinerary services, to help go a bit further.  The more you share, the more we can find the fun-that-fits you and your group. We love collaborating with individual, family, and group travelers to create and coordinate unique plans, just for you – whether planning one special day or mapping out a week’s worth of activities.


Let’s talk – we know Cozumel, and can do the legwork to help you maximize your time, your vacation, and your memories.


For more involved scouting, research and coordination services, prices are reasonable, but will depend on the scope. Get in touch, and let us know what you have in mind, and we’ll set a fair price for the groundwork involved.


And remember, the CozTours’ Private Island Tours (driving or walking) are great, because you can customize it by choosing among many of our most popular attractions and activities to suit you and the members of your party.

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