I fell in love with Cozumel’s reefs, people and culture as a frequent scuba diver here for nearly 20 years. I’m now a divemaster, underwater photographer, and spend as much time as I can diving along Cozumel’s incredible coral reefs and taking thousands of pictures (mostly of macro marine life). The rest of the time I explore on land, often walking around and looking for cool streets, great food, and beautiful craftsmanship.

As a resident and small tour business owner here, I’ve tried out many of the fun and interesting things to do in Cozumel, so I know what to recommend.
But the list never ends! Cozumel’s natural beauty and rich art and culture found on-land are just as delightful as Cozumel’s scuba diving.

Well…almost!  The truth is, I’m still a diver at heart and understand if that’s your first priority. But trust me, after the dive day, there are so many other things to do in Cozumel!

Check out our blog highlighting more of the island’s restaurant scene, the ever-evolving art and music events, of course our Cozumel diving, and more!


If you need help choosing or arranging what to do in Cozumel, let us help!

Cozumel Tours is also a fully licensed tour company that has been in operation since 2004 on Cozumel Island.  Our tours are personalized at very affordable prices for all clients, whether you’re arriving on a cruise ship visit, or spending your whole vacation here – divers and non-divers are very welcome.

There are rich histories and traditions in Cozumel, and always something new to learn about this “island of the swallows.”  Coz Tours – and our friendly, knowledgeable, and bilingual guides and operator partners – can’t wait to show you around, and find something just right for you.  You’ll love it, too.

Please contact us with your questions or ideas and we’ll be able to tailor a tour for you and your group.