Cozumel Foodie Walking Tours

Tour Duration:

Approx. 4 Hrs.

Days / Times:

Daily, Monday to Saturday, flexible times. Afternoons available, as well – perfect for divers!

Language of Tour:

English or Spanish


$70.00USD per adult

$25 per child over 8

Minimum of 2 persons needed to reserve this private tour at this rate.


The food scene in Cozumel is fantastic. With our CozTours Foodie Walking Tour, you can explore the markets and stores downtown, sampling special foodie treats as you go.


Get your fill on regional goodies – everything from fresh Mexican favorites, like tacos al pastor, cochinita pibil (slow roasted, marinated pork dish…sinfully good), handmade empanadas, rich pozole stew, crafted Tequilas, serious coffee, and beautiful bakery treats. Try the elotes, or some amazing Mango ‘water’ in the Spring season – Yum!  (And divers, don’t forget to eat up some Lionfish whenever you see it on the menu!)


Meanwhile, It’s always fun to browse through the local grocers and stores, especially the central ‘Mercado Municipal’ in the heart of downtown.  Here you can see a wide variety of spices and candies, regional produce, and freshly caught fish – and plenty of busy food stands serving up Yucatecan favorites to a large local crowd.  These days, you can also find some special hidden merchants throughout town, making and selling things like local coconut oil, natural beauty products from local ingredients, organic small batch honey, and other treats.


Let us know what you like, and we’ll make the plan.

Whatever you do, don’t be afraid to get off the “main drag” of Melgar Avenue! You’ll have a much more rewarding – and delicious – experience (pricing and atmosphere) if you avoid the waterfront and head back a few blocks where more the real home cooks are found.


This foodie walking tour lasts about 3 hours, and gives you a natural opportunity to see many other points of interest in town (churches, galleries, parks – you name it) that you might not normally see on your own.


On this tour, you will:

  • Enjoy a wonderful day of walking, seeing sights, and eating
  • Walk with your friendly guide to the best local shops, stands, and restaurants


OR Change it up! We are more than happy to work with you to create an itinerary tailored just for you and your fellow explorers! Maybe you’d like to take a cooking class or private lesson, or set up a taco-off and try as many asada tacos as we can find and judge the best!  Whatever is it, we can help you plan and offer ideas – the more we know, the better we’ll be at finding you the “fun that fits.”  Just drop us a line, and tell us more!


  • Do yourself a favor and wear comfortable sandals or shoes! The sidewalks in Cozumel are often uneven, and this tour is intended for walking, and likely covering a lot of ground! (Usually a hat and shades are key, too. We have awesome weather here, year round, but on a walking tour it’s best to prepare for some sun and heat
  • MANY shops and restaurants in Cozumel – especially the more unique or small and “local” ones – are ‘cash only.’ You can often get far better menu prices when using the local Mexican peso (MXN)


  • Friendly, local, English-speaking guide who can help you navigate around town, and interact with local merchants
  • An experience off the main-drag, seeing the vibrant heart of Cozumel, downtown (“Centro”) San Miguel
  • Guidance and tips on the best shops, streets and food stands all over town

Not Included:

Food and Snack purchases, beverages, souvenirs, and tips/gratuities are not included in the price of this tour. Please bring cash for these items.  (Local tip: if you take the time to exchange your currency for the local currency – the Mexican peso (MXN), your are more likely to find bargains! Please let us know if you need help with this.)

What to Bring:

Comfortable shoes, sun hat, water, cash, curiosity, and an appetite!

Meeting Point:

Depending on your hotel location, or your port of entry if arriving on a cruise ship or the ferry from the mainland, we will select and confirm a convenient meeting point that is convenient to downtown San Miguel, and easy for you to find.  At the time of booking, please let us know where you’ll be coming from, and we’ll find us a good spot.

Prices & Policies:

  • $70.00 USD per adult / $25.00 USD per child over 8
  • Deposit must be paid via our PayPal to secure any booking
  • Cancellations made more than 24 hours in advance will be refunded; deposits for “no-shows” or cancellations within 24 hours of the start time will not be refunded


Reservations and Deposits:

  • Reservations should be made at least 24-48 hours in advance
  • Deposit must be paid via our PayPal to secure any booking
  • Cancellations made more than 24 hours in advance will be refunded; deposits for “no-shows” or cancellations within 24 hours of the start time will not be refunded


Cancellations and Refunds:

Please don’t worry if your cruise ship changes schedules and you come into Cozumel on a different date! We will simply change the date and plan your tour for the new day. We are able to accommodate such changes in almost every case, and reschedule you and your group for a new time.


If your cruise ship does not come into port as planned due to mechanical or weather related issues, we will refund any fees paid!  However, if your cruise ship does arrive on the designated date, but your group does not arrive at the designated meeting location within a 1-2 hour time period, we will assume you are a “no show.”  In that case, no deposit fees or other fees paid will be refunded.  To prevent this, simply contact Cozumel Tours via email or phone call prior to the start day & time to modify your tour plans, or to cancel your booking more than 24 hours before the planned tour.


ALL cancellations need to be received at least 24 hours before your tour day and time, and will be refunded.  (We would appreciate greater notice.)


For cancellations received within the 24 hours before your day and time, or any “No-Shows”: Deposits and other paid fees will not be refunded.

Accessibility Info & Important Notes:

There are no age, fitness or mobility restrictions for this tour, but please remember that this is a WALKING tour, in the warm, Caribbean climate.  Breaks and water or other drinks can be found, of course, but this is some exercise!


Activities should be planned according to the interests and abilities of your group members.


Please let us know ahead of time if anyone has food allergies, specific mobility challenges, or other special requirements, so we can do our best to accommodate your needs.

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